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I’m doing a book project! With the aim to cover the joy of C, python, and GLSL with pygame and SDL. At the same time covering some topics in pygame and SDL 2 that aren’t covered well by existing resources. It will also cover things like testing, distribution/marketing, multi platform, and CI/CD  which aren’t covered often in many game books. Not your everyday book. However, I think a comparative approach with a high level language, C for the low level , and GLSL for a GPU language would be very interesting.

Included in the download is a PDF and epub of the pygame documentation, and a folder of pygame examples(43 or so).  Also the pygame 4000 book as a PDF, and an epub for ebooks, as well as source code for the articles.

  • [ Pixel Perfect Collision Detection ] [ SDL2 Fundamentals Tutorial in C ]
  • [ Sound Generation and Visualization ] [ Python intro for game programming ]
  • [ Let's make a shit JavaScript Interpreter! ] [ How to port and market games ]
  • [ Let's write a unit test! ] [ Arduino; Serial & pixels for breakfast ]
  • [ Awesome pygame. Curated list of great things for pygame. ]
  • [ Drag and drop of files ] [ Finger painting multi touch ]
  • [ Text Editing Input IME ] [ Midi and synths ]

Note: this is a pre-release, and more topics are coming. It's available as an early preview before the final release. Suggestions to rene@pygame.org

The book is by a leading contributor to pygame for over 16 years. All funds go towards pygame development(the completely free community project) and towards more chapters in this book. Some achievements in recent years have been a new pygame website, a move to github, an example community game, and an example music app, along with pushing pygame 2 to completion.

pygame is the most popular game/art/and music library for the most popular programming language in the world -- python. pygame is used in school classes, university courses, and workshops around the world. It's used in embedded devices like handheld game consoles, in video synthesizers, museum displays, scientific experiments and interactive art installations. It's available in over 130 different OS distributions, including on the Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu, and MacOS.

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