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To help drive pygame 2 development, we are making a game with pygame 2. The whole pygame community is invited to take part. In making this one game. In 4 days. (ok, the game jam is over but we are still making this).

The team.

  • bitcraft - "I hope I can contribute, but my work schedule is awful". pyscroll, pytmx libraries.

  • blubberquark - "Anyway, I would love to work on some kind of async networking or server features Twitch/IRC integration, leaderboards, Discord...""

  • Bottersnake - snรคke library. "In fact, I have a a load of frees today so I'll probably whip up all the boilerplate needed to make everything else quicker to write."

  • claudeb - "My first cat was named Speedy. Because when he went into one of those crazy dashes across the house"

  • dirk0 - "Unfortunately I am terribly busy right now, but I could contribute music and Mac OSX compilation/testing, if needed."

  • illume - fixes to pygame 2, any general thing that needs doing.

  • Kuba | ThePolish - "pm me if you need sfx and/or music"

  • TJWhale - "Hey, I'm interested in helping with this community game if I can :) I've got some experience with pygame, I actually lanched a game on steam with it"

  • *** - writing

  • hfoxp - "Im interested in helping. Im still learning pygame but I would still love to be involved. Will be fun and a good learning experience"

  • xeno - I tried drawing a cat, it looks weird.

  • M - music and sound effects.


Code license

License for code will be the same as the pygame license (LGPL, but you can keep your parts of course!)

Art assets

https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/ https://creativecommons.org/2015/10/08/cc-by-sa-4-0-now-one-way-compatible-with-gplv3/

  • @AokiAhishatsu stuntcat/data/images/
  • @dirkk0 stuntcat/data/sounds/ict_0026.ogg
  • M. other stuntcat/data/sounds/

github repo: https://github.com/pygame/stuntcat


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stuntcat-0.0.19.dmg 21 MB
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stuntcat-0.0.19-win32.msi 18 MB

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